Cherry Picker Rental

A Cherry Picker:

A Cherry Picker is a bucket located on the back of a truck that raises a person or a work platform to high areas in the air to do work. One can stand safely in the bucket and have all the kits he needs at his finger tips. They are usually used by Street Lighting Contractors for repairing street lights, film crews for taking aerial shots, window cleaners for working on tall city offices. Cherry pickers give the opportunity to the workers to go up to high quickly and safely where it is inaccessible for them without any tools. A Cherry Picker Rental company can help you get the machine that best suits what you need.

Kinds of cherry picker lifts

There are several kinds of cherry pickers. They are vertical lifts, boom lifts, scissor lifts or truck-mounted lifts.

There are also Up-and-down and side to side cherry picker lifts. The first one is the boom-type lift and the second one is called a scissor lift.

Boom Lifts

It has all shapes and sizes. One is self-propelled, a smaller unit that is movable from one place to another by the operator from the basket. It is jointed. It can move out sideways as well as straight up and down. Another is truck-mounted lift which can access to high work points within a very short time. It offers both speed and mobility.

Trailer mounted booms offers the opportunity to collect and move the lift using your own vehicle to pull. It is lightweight, flexible and a good low-cost option and it is often used by builders on smaller jobs.

Specialist boom lifts with some specialized pieces of access equipment have been manufactured and marketed in the recent time. They have been designed for particular work setting. For example, rough terrain boom lifts such as the popular Haulotte for ground outdoors, and caterpillar tracks and even non marking tyres for internal work. Inside commercial environments such as shopping centers, airports or theatres, Spider FS370 or Mantis 29 is being used also.

Scissor Lifts

This kind of lift is of two kinds. They are Battery Powered Scissor Lifts and Diesel Powered Scissor Lifts. The first one is used in indoor commercial use and latter is for smaller building sites.

Instructions on How to Rent a Cherry Picker:

Instead of purchasing one for only a few jobs you may rent one. Cherry picker rental may be the most inexpensive way to get the work completed.

Firstly, determine the type of cherry picker depending on how high your project will be.

Secondly, call local heavy equipment companies as well as home improvement places that offer rentals, and compare prices. The cost for these can vary by quite a bit, depending on the type you’ll need. Keep in mind that most of the time you will need to put down some deposit on a cash transaction

Go to the company choosing from Step 2. Don’t forget to get the necessary equipments you need deciding from Step 1.

At last pay and give back the equipment by the agreed time as the company may charge late fee.  They usually charge on a day-to-day basis.

Cherry Picker Rental